Holy Mary Home

As a result of the promotion of our activities by the Canadian Association in Toronto and their patronage, well-wishers in the United States and Italy became aware of our work in the Charity Care Home in Kerala. Their generous contributions enabled Mother Susan to construct the main building, Holy Mary Home, in 2007.

Mother Susan Home

Upon the completion of the Holy Mary Home, a few Canadian supporters of Mother Susan visited her Care Centre in Kerala. On their return, they reported that the girl's accommodation was sorely lacking in basic amenities and in dire need of an upgrade. The fund-raising committee in Canada decided that a bright and spacious modern building for the girls would be their next project.

After five successful fund-raising Galas and one concert, the Canadian Committee raised enough funds and “Mother Susan Home” for her girls, became a reality in 2019.

Projects Envisioned

1. Boys Home.

2. Functional and Spacious Kitchen.

We trust that through God’s inspiration and the support of our donors we will raise the funds to make these projects a reality

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